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Now, it is possible to give advertisements to the Ecology Journals, a comprehensive scientific journal list on ecology and environment. It presents regularly updated links to the home pages of ecological and environmental scientific journals to its visitors, who mostly are researchers and students. For more information on the aims of the portal please check Aims & Usage.

Ecology Journals is a web portal with more than 1600 individual visitors and more than 3200 page views monthly (by March 2013).  The visitors are from very different countries, especially from Europe, USA and India. The portal gets very high ranks in the searches about ecological and environmental journals in Google and many other search motors such as Yahoo! and Bing (at the first page in most cases, and at the top five often).

Below are a few advertisement options for Ecology Journals. Interested parties are suggested to contact with the web site owner via e-mail for further details and ad costs: info[at]

Small ads (only for scientific journals)

Small ads (max. 200 x 30 pixels) located at the left side bar giving direct link to the journal homepage. These ads are placed to the left side bar of the corresponding journalís initial. Number of side bar ads located just next to the journal list with a specific initial letter do not exceed 10% of the number of the journals listed under the corresponding initial. In the case of the total number of journals listed under an initial is below than 10, then ad limit is one.

Large ads

Larger ads located between the groups of journals with different initials (as centered to the page). There are two kinds of ad sizes for this location, only one is possible for the top of initials for 728 x 90 pixel size, but two is possible for 300 x 90 pixel size ads. After an ad (or two, according to the size) accepted for the top of any initial, this area will be closed for any additional ads for this month. Advertising customers can contact with web site owner to reserve a place before the next month starts.

Top page ads

Large ads located at the top of the page. These ads can be at various sizes, but it is decided how many ads can be found at the top of the page according to their sizes. Only an area of 728 x 90 pixel size is available.